How to ACTUALLY Get better on -

How to ACTUALLY Get better on

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Hey guys! I really hope you enjoy this video it was a spur of the moment something i thought of. I know other players have made this video but yep!


  1. the thing is i cant find servers with players inside of it

  2. I mean im alright at it *proceeds to use tampermonkey💀

  3. how you added venge in category venge io is not register in youtube

  4. Can you tell me the names of the gun skins what you using now all using ones

  5. Can you add me as friend name is GPR_xDRACO

  6. hey do you have a rainbow dot crosshair link that would be nice if you do

  7. One thing you can add is memorising spawns on maps, that’ll help you a lot

  8. "i'm ok" (proceeds to slaughter entire lobby of unsuspecting players)

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