How I play in 170+ pings || Zombi3Madn3ss -

How I play in 170+ pings || Zombi3Madn3ss

Zombi3Madn3ss VENGE
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  1. ah 170ms ping, at least venge is a movement shooter so it's easier than games like valorant which requires quick reflexes and aim to kill your opponent in an instant. there are a few times i've played with 332ms and it gets really annoying when it literally takes forever to kill a person especially when things start to get competitive lol

  2. Pls give me your crosshair :3

  3. do you have another agent i am Tanmay621
    majya mitrala pahije Salmonea amchya caln cha owner

  4. hi i found you at the game ihave subcribe your channel now

  5. xd u didnt tell us how to play in 170+ ping…. u just showed ur gameplay without sound xd…

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