He Thinks I'M HACKING!! (Reported?) | Venge.io - 2dsquirrel.com

He Thinks I’M HACKING!! (Reported?) | Venge.io

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I was playing venge trying to get a flawless gun game, minding my own business, and this guy just couldn’t believe what he was seeing..

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  1. they typt hiacker bc when you typ hacker its get blurd

  2. It really look like his hacking but I love this man and he never hack

  3. people always say im hacking when im not I just make my name hacker123 because im good at games

  4. Bro if you try playing venge io on mobile your like aim bot

  5. I just started playing venge and it's so fun 👍

  6. My favorite skins: Scar: Inferno, vintage, sugar. Tech9: Syndicate, Skull drip, caution ( he’s playin’ with ).

  7. Im DAZE_kun… please send me VG…

  8. Hey do you want to 1v1 some time i'm sure it will be fun

  9. im better then u but no toxic

  10. My friend using hack and I 1v1 with him I killed him more my friend tell me hacker

  11. hlo i am a big fan pls play venge io with me
    my name is little9211

  12. "He's not hacking. He's just got a really good gaming chair"

  13. im 8 and i play venge io on a lenovo computer like dashball

  14. I'm good at playing, I hope I can meet you but I idolize you so I can't fight you

  15. Your not a hacker your a player in public

  16. "I know I said one more, but -I'm a gamer so you guys know that's a lie" -Dashball 2021

  17. OK SO HOW DO U !?!?!? AND how come u barely aim and how u throw a bomb and when u get the cards how u make them work???????

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