He Thinks I'm AIMBOTTING (Reported?) | Venge.io - 2dsquirrel.com

He Thinks I’m AIMBOTTING (Reported?) | Venge.io

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this venge.io player thinks I’m hacking so I had to mess around with him a bit.. obviously I do not use aimbot, but I always like to go along with it and see what they have to say

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  1. Lol I always say just coz you got no aim doesn't mean everyone else has to stoop to your dumbass level xD

  2. Funfact: on gun game if you hit someone with your not gun weapon, you instantly go up a rank no matter what.

  3. Yea dash u hacker u can’t hide that fact

  4. YOOO dashball, its been forever i forgot about you and had to watch again, still playing bullet force eh?

  5. Why they were thinking you aimboiting

  6. Yo bro how did u get that map or u just joined and got it pls tell us it got removed

  7. yo dashball i play venge.io too but i thot they deletd xibalba bro how did u get in

  8. Everyone accuse people of hacking on this game lol, I litterally get accused every game..

  9. How are you in xilbalba I mean it was removed like 2 months ago

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