GLIDING IN VENGE.IO!?!?!?!?!?!? -


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This footage is from the discord!!!1!1!1!111!!!!
its kool. The effect when you go faster is epik


  1. For the people who are skeptical about me for some reason calling me a cheater (what did i cheat bruh)In the venge discord, they posted a video in announcementsabout gliding. This is the video, I would've edited but I wanted to be the first to do it so i just straight up uploaded it lmao.idk why fallckenew is calling me a cheater when im just like "retweeting" the footage and in description I put the footage is from Venge Discord.+ its not me its the devs in the gameplay

  2. it would be cool if you could jump off the glider mid air to do some trick shots

  3. how is this map out for u mine still says coming soon

  4. oh yeah, if you know me its DEFFINITLY 360 time >:")

  5. you cheater you just copied the video from the venge devlopers the said this map will come next week don't worry everybody we all will get to play this map.

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