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“Geno Vibes” Venge.io Trickshot Montage | Episode 2 |

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Song: Logic – The Spotlight

Editor: Elementzz

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I really hope you enjoyed episode 2 of my Geno Vibes series! This took a lot of time and preparation to be able to hit all of these shots. It was intense but very rewarding to see all of these shots finally hit! Thank you to everyone who was with me along this journey and even helped me to create some of these shots.

Many of these shots I am the creator of and have been the only one to hit this far. Please make sure to leave a like on the video and subscribe if you enjoyed! Can’t wait for episode 3!


  1. You made a video especially for me! But you don't know it yet.

  2. So umm everytime geno enters a lobby, just leave to save ur kdr lmao

  3. Wait was it a professional who edited this video and gotta give credit too sniper grind ❤️👍

  4. can you plz tell me how you got the aimer to be small and how can you get these stats like double kills

  5. hi I have sent a request in your clan for more than 5 days do you accept me?

  6. Hey geno I'm Chandolfthewiz we met on venge

  7. BRO I have problem every server tell me : you have been discconect click anywhere to contunie

  8. hola, si alguien quiere entrar a un clan hispano que me hable al discord vrandito#7330, se llama clan HELL y es global top 37.

  9. Pro<Master Pro<Super Pro<Over Powered Pro<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Geno

  10. geno pls take me in your clan your clan is over powered
    Name PROPLAYER1.11

  11. amazing 10/10 good music also yes I am some_chalk I watch your streams from time to time

  12. Geno can i join a game with you so i can show you some glichis and bugs it might be a good vid idk your the stremer

  13. dude whenever you get a kill it all blue how do u do that?

  14. Broo you ong insane dude, I thought I was good being in ENDR but nah bro you're cracked asf

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