GAME CHANGING Venge Update! Is it Good or Bad? | -

GAME CHANGING Venge Update! Is it Good or Bad? |

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New UI Update is quite the handful! Personally I say its one small step to making the game greater for everyone, what do you think?

The Devs are still working on it so this isnt the finished product but I wanted to upload something I been dead for a while, so far this new update is amazing keep of the great work devs!
*I wouldn’t mind making GFX pieces of each character for higher quality images ngl :D*


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  1. Im rakhim, the biggest noob in venge, I dont really care much

  2. Enderious did u know I got rob by the market when I played asahin was a good skin I spend 10k vg on market to get asahin and then in a week is now like 3k and I’m getting asahin in crates when I got my shin clown guys get mythic they give u better luck legend and use code geno or gunchi not ender hehe

  3. Could you tell me the reason that I can not play venge with friends by link?

  4. I like the update a lot, but I think, when they just published it, there was no lag, but when they added so much stuff, it became so lagy, for me again, I think the game when earlier like white ping came was NOT lagy, then they added so much stuff, I PREFER MAKING A VENGE, WITH ONLY CRATE AND ALL playing AND THEN THE REWARDS AND ALL CAN BE TAKE BY THE O.V.I OR V.I AND THEY CAN MAKE LESS LAG V.I

  5. Less gooo came in 17 seconds and btw its 3:30 am here lmao and nice video

  6. Finally been waiting for new vid, well not that good but its better

  7. 😐 They need to nerf the crates cuz getting mythcs is so easy man! Rest all updates is okay
    i got like so many in my inv, am just not selling it cuz 1 day they will make crates harder to get mythic so am waiting for it

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