Epic Vengers make CURSED Crosshairs to WIN WITH | Venge.io - 2dsquirrel.com

Epic Vengers make CURSED Crosshairs to WIN WITH | Venge.io

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Me and the lad making super scuffed crosshairs 😛
It was quite the blast even with how badly Stepps killed my eyes lol


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  1. oh, that's you I'm a big fan of you, sorry to see you in the game I looked down on you because thought you were a different person

  2. Petition for endr to add a redeem for 'Use crosshair made my ZB' on twitch.
    This is gonna be fun

  3. 7:15 Did I hear someone say tec 9? And I'm not a bozo thank you very much ender 😛 🤣

  4. Top 19 crossovers in Benge History!

    Love the video, lived up to it's hype! Definitely need to do another soon!

  5. I hav a question. Why do u only accept 6.00 kd or more in ENDR when there are some players in ur clan that are less than 6?

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