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Dashball Plays Venge.io

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This is my first time playing Venge.io, I’ve been asked to play it a few times, so I decided to finally give it a shot. This video I am completely trying to learn and get used to the gameplay, and I think I started off pretty well because I’m a pro hacker.

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  1. YouTube for some reason thinks I'm playing Dashball

  2. lowkey i started the video and saw that character, and just kinda stared at it for 5 min while i tried to process what i was looking at
    also the description
    i like how u put dashball the game, wholesome

  3. He’s reloading the smg with 1 hand……………. howwwwwww

    👌 the best intro

  5. Hey guys! I hope you have a nice day and stay safe, God bless you! <3 🙂

  6. if you. like this game you should try mini royal 2

  7. dude after playing bullet force every game seems quiet

  8. yo dash i love this game is good and i think you should play it if you want

  9. i played dat game while you wuz playin it i like it a lil

  10. WeLl oBvIoUsLy tHiS iS dAsH's nEw fAvOrItE gAmE nOw tHaT hE uPlOaDeD iT

  11. What do you think of Krunker? It would be interesting if you played with it and made a video

  12. i play this game join my clan name is ELIT by FaLgOy

  13. i have 20 howrs on vange and im 10 on my mom acownt

  14. U should play Gats.io its a 2d game
    with a few weapons you can wear amour
    and get kills to get xp to get powerups
    (I think you should give it a try)

  15. Hey dash, I dare u to do a challenge and that challenge is to get a HAND nuke. Pls take that challenge. I dare u

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