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Dashball Plays Venge.io

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This is my first time playing Venge.io, I’ve been asked to play it a few times, so I decided to finally give it a shot. This video I am completely trying to learn and get used to the gameplay, and I think I started off pretty well because I’m a pro hacker.

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  1. Hi dashball !! I want to ask…. Do u have that weird glitch that doesn't let u use some weapons and you die in bullet force?

  2. I am not going to subscribe to you my sister is a pro and a hacker at this game ok its on poki.come its a free game to play ok so go on that ok…..

  3. Ayo have you figured out what abilities are for yet LOL

  4. Hey bro keep up the good work and don't give up on your dream

  5. Dude can you play forward assault? (the creator of bullet force and forward assault is just the same)

  6. I always use a scar and use a sniper only when sniping from a long distance.

  7. he did better than i did when i played venge for the first time

  8. If you do ever play this again know that the stuff on the right are your abilities and each character has different ones kinda like valorant

  9. where can you download this game? i was playing on poki but it is not as good quality as shown in the video and i want to actually have it on my computer.

  10. Hey dashball would u like to play a match with me?

  11. The Four Celestial Kings
    RodanTheDragons (Me)


  12. where can u go to get this game im on microsoft btw

  13. yo youtube fix that dash does not have a game btw l played venge lm at lev 2

  14. I like the game! A lot of people call me a pro!
    Sorry, for bragging……… I hope you don't take this as bragging.

  15. i am op at this game and i had kill 33 kills lol😀

  16. he had zero knowledge abt the games

    but good work

  17. i can kill you in a game of venge my name is NOOYR

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