Cyborg vs (NERD)hguty 1v1 -

Cyborg vs (NERD)hguty 1v1

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GG, That Nerd member was kinda good in aimin in close range.
Lmfao otherwise all Nerd members suck.
Origami is scared to 1v1 me again: me askin „cmon rematch“
He: Ohhh no not rn
Join my discord server to 1v1 me and other CYRG members:


  1. Lmfao cyrg clan and Cyborg is way better than Nerd ahaha

  2. bro u make good content but u should milk some clarity to .

  3. you both are soo good. Nice video, very entertaining

  4. One compliment
    Never jump unessecory
    They will hear it the sounds reveal our position
    Your MS is kinda low like mine 😅

  5. good you prooo very very prooo Are you Arab

  6. Did u know the OG owner of nerd is thatnerdchris a used to play venge

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