Character Guide in | Lilium, Kulu and Shin -

Character Guide in | Lilium, Kulu and Shin

SilverKnight VENGE
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A quick character guide in
Enjoy 🙂

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  1. I will use now sniper and Kulu for video

  2. You missed on point in shin
    When you dash into enemies head you should jump and press E
    It damages enemies
    And bring them one shot

  3. i have unlocked kulu but in my brother account . and now don't play which mean his account death . and in my account because high level not much . but I always got some prose in lobby that' s why i don't get kulu even if i grind . but sniper is my weopen even if its echo(who even use to) , i never use lilum , so shin is my only point .with sniper its also good. but every character need practice and if u master one character already it will harder to swicht to another

  4. Sniper+Echo is the best for me 🙂

  5. you're in luck, do you have any spare lilium skins or emojis left? Can you sell it back to me at a reasonable price? Plssss bro😟..

  6. What are the dances in venge please make a video on it and which is the best dance

  7. But my shin suit with always scar because of accuracy lol

  8. when u kill someone it shows follow me on yt…. how to put that?

  9. i have a suggestion for u , If u wanna use sniper u could use shin, and don't move too much just wait for enemy see u and then dash and one shot of sniper.

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