Best Weapon in | Worst to Best -

Best Weapon in | Worst to Best

SilverKnight VENGE
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A quick guide of Weapon specs and some normal frags using them.
Hope you enjoy 🙂
Discord: SilverKnight007#1152


  1. in shotgun 1st name was a crazy name🤨😐😑

  2. I personally hate shotgun in this game I'm so bad with that gun 😑

  3. Sliver i think you should place sniper as 1 cuz sniper is like a god gun and when i 1v1 my friend i got a total of 45 kills (JUST MY OPINION)

  4. i am new to venge …….thanks for this vid

  5. Bro I have played with you my name is narutosasuketobi

  6. Hey dude can u give me link of ur crosshair plss

  7. Ty I like using scar and ak if I’m playing with my stream I use it off cam I use ak I die 73% and 40% of scar

  8. Bro O,Farak is a scammer. he scammed 2 of my miythicals. i am [GMZ] Gonze

  9. Why are you better with Sniper than with Scar xD can we do a Sniper 1v1 cuz ur not reacting to discord msgs 🙁

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