Baltimore bridge collapse: Bridge collapses into water after being struck by ship -

Baltimore bridge collapse: Bridge collapses into water after being struck by ship

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In the US city of Baltimore a major bridge has collapsed after being struck by a cargo ship.

The ship caught fire on impact, then sank.
Multiple vehicles fell into the water below — and Baltimore police say rescue efforts are underway.
The Francis Scott Key Bridge

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  1. This vessel is managed by ship management company named synergy. These management companies are well known to cut every corner out from maintanence of vessels to crew salary in order to maximize profit tossing of safety of vessel. The poor crew onboard are forced to run the vessel in unsafe manner and less experienced and fear of loosing job the crew agrees These management companies should be penalized heavily so as to teach other similar companies a lesson and reduce such incidents.

  2. If the USA was not constantly sending USA taxpayer dollars to Israel that money could have gone to INFRASTRUCTURE .. ! Many bridges are in dire need of repair, and many other things such as railroad lines… water lines etc

  3. Mossad collapsed the Bridge to teach Biden a lesson

  4. BILLION tonne mass hits spaghetti sized bridge and breaks it in two.. no matter where THAT ship hit THAT that bridge,, it was all coming down..
    there fixed it for you..
    doc johnny
    engineer phd

  5. Oohh… now USA will need to sell more arms to reconstruct the bridge…. Which country will they chose now to lit fire…!!! To sell their arms…!!!???

  6. Is this a terrorist attack by India to cause economic damage . Caused to look like an accident

  7. cargo ship had lost power twice before hitting the bridge, by the time they fully recovered power from both they had hit the structure of the bridge. so many precautions on both the cargo ship and the bridge that clearly wasn’t taken care of. truly awful.

  8. Let's blame a country in middle east for this

  9. The money for Biden’s infrastructure plan is spilled on the destructionof infrastructure and human lives in the Middle East.

  10. Now, slightly turn your attention away from the migrants 🤷‍♂️

  11. So loses control right near the bridge.. 🤔

  12. I'm shocked that the israeli mouth pieces haven't blamed it on hamas

  13. NO ACCIDENT! Critical infrastructure to be targeted across the USA. The DEW fires are coming soon, by midsummer, you know like in California for the past 6 years, and Lahaina Maui last year. Hurricane season is their favorite. They're not too sure about sabotaging nuclear power plants yet, they have to control the jet stream; i.e., the wind/ air currents determines how much radiation is deposited in environments.

  14. American government keeps funding other countries but yet its infrastructure is crumbling! Wake up people their will be more of this if America isn’t first!

  15. Whoever was responsible for certifying the safety. Of this bridge should be charged with negligence for not insisting that pylons be added to protect the flimsy supports

  16. Ma ci stavano cariche esplosive sulle travi. Si vedono scoppiare

  17. They have photos of Hamas taking over the ship moments before it taking out the bridge

  18. Since UN pressure israiel lots weird accident happen around world
    (Isisk atack . Eu farm law . Weird accident)

    Its planed . Im sure, the target is brigde base , this swapping issue program ,
    West government will blame khamas

  19. Are u sure it wasn't hit by a Storm shadow missile or those who sabotaged the Nord stream pipelines did it

  20. What a poor country USA no spend money in their own country all tax money waste money on weapons and war industry

  21. Francis Scott Key destruction symbolizes the destruction of AMERICA. This was an intelligence ritual.

  22. The ship did not lose power, if it did, it would be dead in the water. Something happened to the navigation system. It was either hacked or sabotaged.

  23. Only China can help US to rebuild the bridge within 1 year, if rebuild by US, it needs 10 years time. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. The Price of not applying a Veto for Israel

  25. What a Horrible report. Get your Act together.

  26. I blame on those 2 Pilots on board doing nothing not even call for tugs assistance to avoid further drifting of the vessel…

  27. Did they run out of time to warn the workers who died or did they just forget to warn them because they were Mexicans, Guatemalans etc? I really hope not.😮

  28. This looks like a Godzilla 1998 ending scene 😂😂

  29. Ukraine ship commanders. What are the odds

  30. Needs to have stop rails to stop cars entering the bridge when emergency like this occurs

  31. It is the fault of Putin 😂😂😂😂

  32. It was planned, they were ordered to take the bridge down. If you zoom in you can see explosions going off…. the media is diverting our attetion.

  33. Why it look like bombs was going off at the same time the ship hit the bridge???

  34. Im just curious if people is believing another lie.biden it behind the axedent it's not a accident

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