Almost Annihilation in a Pro Lobby | Sniper Gameplay -

Almost Annihilation in a Pro Lobby | Sniper Gameplay

SilverKnight VENGE
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I accidentally Entered a Never ending Match that had Infinite time. Don’t know how to get in, just lucky 😉
Venge ID: SilverKnight007
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  1. Hi mr knight that sniper gun design was also the same as mine NGL

  2. where can I practice without pro streamers bcz realhehood and other streamers come to my game and I am level 6

  3. I am a sniper boy because i love 360 trick shot

  4. Hey bro 1v1 me my name Fake_RFN im in FEAR clan

  5. My record in sniping was annihilation 4x OP Gameplay btw 😉

  6. shin and u is best snipe player , u know that guy😞u meet he at start but he no new vid 2 month😢wish he restart and 1 v1 with u

  7. Hi silverknight wanna play with me again

  8. Người Việt Nam thì join clan VGVN nhóe :3 clan mình hiện tại màu xanh mong mng đóng góp để clan lên màu vàng nhanh nhaaa

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