75.000 VG Crate Opening X-Mas Venge.io - 2dsquirrel.com

75.000 VG Crate Opening X-Mas Venge.io

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  1. Bro please give me cyborg lilium if you have extra

  2. I got snowman in my first I'd but hacked😂

  3. erste 20 sekunden, direkt skunta am start. Glückwunsch

  4. How are ur crates cost 100 vg lmao mine cost 700
    Banger vid 👌

  5. Do you Remember [BL6E]kaisue
    or [TS]kaisue? Sierra, I played with you, I got second I think 🤔
    Just did a 4k In front of you xD

  6. bro can i have some vg i have subbed to you

  7. Dude u unboxed X-mas crate with 100vg but now its 700vg

  8. Bro why venge community don't make skins for Echo

  9. Dude post this vid in venge server. let the world of venge see it!!! Devs should give u verified and they should give u vengeance clan. WORLD RECORD U GOT!! U R VERY RICH NOW

  10. in next vid you make can u show me the kulu sound effects ?

  11. i wish i had that much vg😪

    btw i have subbed with my 9 acc luv u my acc – dggboss

  12. Como es que el precio de esas cajas se encuentra tan bajo, en la tienda me dice que cuesta 700 vg y a el se lo dan a 100?

  13. wtf why mine is 700 and yours is 100 h@ck game

  14. DUDE ! Are you kidding me ?? You have MYTHICAL skins, so luckier RandomTyp… I love you <3 best phone player ever. I need vgs to buy shin clown me too…

  15. I'm sure he screamed all the video long…


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