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50K VG Unboxing BEST LUCK | Venge.io

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After I was forced to eat some butter for VG I decided it was a good time to dump my vg all in crates and the lucky was much more suprising than I thought xD! Subscibe for a cooki!


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  1. Sorry for the slow uploads just didnt have the time lately but I assure you ill be uploading more <3got any ideas for videos leave a comment!

  2. Kick O,FARAK from your clan, he is scammer. he have scammed many people!!

  3. Hi, I really like your videos, they are very good and entertaining. Finally, I would like to ask you to transfer 500 vg to me since it seems very difficult to comsect them. Well, if you don't want, it doesn't matter anyway, thank you.

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