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49 Kill Streak In Venge.io

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Playing venge.io on my live stream and I went for a high kill streak pro hacker gameplay and I managed to get a 49 kill streak on the original version of venge. I couldn’t log into my account so I played on a guest account

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  1. yo lo juego jasjsjsjs good play

  2. I also played this game is my laptop

  3. I suggest you bring up your FOV, you can see more people and easier to spotYou should also try bringing your mouse sensitivity up just one because you are undershooting I seeAlso try getting a better crosshair or just lower the size of it to get more precise shotsTry disabling hands and charms, it makes a big differenceJust some suggestions, keep it up!!!!

  4. Why I play this game so many players hacking…?

  5. ve pa 49 yo me hice 56 kills con puro franco

  6. Will you ever pay krunker again it has improved as a game.

  7. Man couldn’t get 50 L Venge player boooo👎👎👎👎😭

  8. Think I’m geting a concurrent here…jk nice kills ngl <3

  9. Increase your field of view for better performance

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