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49 Kill Streak In Venge.io

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Playing venge.io on my live stream and I went for a high kill streak pro hacker gameplay and I managed to get a 49 kill streak on the original version of venge. I couldn’t log into my account so I played on a guest account

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  1. Yo great to see you there im happy about this game yo

  2. you are very pro I am excited to be even more pro to play venge but can you use skin shin?

  3. I just wanna know how this game really works because I just found it.

  4. how do u play it keeps on loading for me and i cant play

  5. Yoo I play that on my dad loptop and it's Soo easy right if there mobile It's Soo easy too shoot like bruh

  6. Try going into pro servers which can improve your game in real

  7. Ay bruh can you play against me I have bot lobbies

  8. yo lo juego jasjsjsjs good play

  9. I also played this game is my laptop

  10. I suggest you bring up your FOV, you can see more people and easier to spotYou should also try bringing your mouse sensitivity up just one because you are undershooting I seeAlso try getting a better crosshair or just lower the size of it to get more precise shotsTry disabling hands and charms, it makes a big differenceJust some suggestions, keep it up!!!!

  11. Why I play this game so many players hacking…?

  12. ve pa 49 yo me hice 56 kills con puro franco

  13. Will you ever pay krunker again it has improved as a game.

  14. Man couldn’t get 50 L Venge player boooo👎👎👎👎😭

  15. Think I’m geting a concurrent here…jk nice kills ngl <3

  16. Increase your field of view for better performance

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