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42 Kill Game in Venge.io | Fastest tier 3?

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I got to the highest tier pretty quick in this game after a slow start. My highest kill game.


  1. I guess we done playing shell shocker? Nice vid btw

  2. I was just playing vegnge earlier and i saw u were top 20 on the learderborad so u good
    btw when ur next shell shocker vid

  3. Hey Frasier, its that kid that you recked today. Nice video and your really good.

  4. OOOOOOOO000oo00o0o0o0000o0o0O)o)OhHHHhh, Dat aim and gameplay doe 🙂

  5. oooooooooooo
    ur in the top 10 of da leaderboard
    keep it up ;D

  6. whats your keyboard settings (nice vids keep up the hard work)

  7. what is your Field Of Veiw settings on (FOV)

  8. Hey if u want I can recruit u to my team and we have 1k followers on tiktok

  9. That was smooth and one of the best gameplays I have ever seen. Good job!!

  10. my freind got teir 3 by 1 kill lol

  11. Bro, nice gameplay!!!! I just started playing and it is so fun. Hope your channel keeps growing! 🙂

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