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40k VG Venge.io Crate Opening

GG Jay
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40k VG Venge.io Crate Opening
Today were back at it again trying to get all the skins this time new deagle M4 and AK skins, Venge.io is Brining more and more Skins to the front line of the game the designs are getting much better then they used to be and they get better with every single day. Revive the past: play heroes of might and magic 2 game conveniently online from anywhere!

Venge.io For Life#

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  1. hey could you give me 1000 coins please

  2. i got a notification of this vid and i thought it said 40 k vg GIVEAWAY hahahahahaha

  3. Everytime u make a unboxing venge crates vid I get jealous cuz all of the skin and charms u get

  4. should've waited for some days, R.I.P T-rex shin XD

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