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39 KILL STREAK! | Venge.io

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I was playing venge on my live stream and got a 39 kill streak during a Mistle match. It was a 1v3, and I managed to spawn kill all 3 of them and was able to get a lot of kills quickly. I was playing more for kills than the objective so I was able to drop over 40 kills during the match.

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  1. That's not a kill strike, that's a kill u only got 9 kill strike

  2. showw, at least you're not jumping, that's playing! Players are jumping around thinking they are in a kangaroo game.

  3. 1 st view 1 like 1 comment never miss dashball vids

  4. I like watching you play different game 🙂

  5. Try These other online free Games:
    1. Shell Shockers
    2. Merczone
    Good luck 👍☀️

  6. haha that's crazy that 39 is your killstreak record in both bullet force and venge

  7. Dashball you my favourite youtuber please join my clain clain name is EXIT

  8. Hey Dash ball how to create account in venge

  9. bro how did u changed ur scar sound?. pls reply..

  10. I got annihilation today what a luck !!

  11. how do u make the cards work and how do u throw a bomb???

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