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2021 Venge.io Unboxing! (WATCH UNTIL END)

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We are back with another Venge.io unboxing! This was another CRAZY unboxing! I really do hope you all enjoy this unboxing and make sure to watch until the end! There could be a surprise in there somewhere!! Be ready for a huge push in more content from me in all areas!

I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful day or night! As always, Ill see you guys in the next video!


  1. oh man I want that much vg anyone pls help me !!!!!!!!

  2. ما هذا الكلام كككنتؤلاطمهتئبطشحهت

  3. Blissful is my favorite because it's completely Gold

  4. my favorite is blazers, great video, you are boss, I have 2 skins, because I began this game, the last week and I have 2 legendary skins : the blossom and the pretty girl

  5. i had an blaze skin in alt account i didnt care that much and it was in an alt account and now i learn how valuable it is and venge .io canceld the alt account after a update and im reallly mad

  6. the skins i got are: "Yin Yang:Tec – 9" "Speckle: Scar" " Bliss:Tec – 9" "Rose: Shotgun" "Sky:Sniper"

  7. Bro I like your way of talking play more games one day you will be a great youtuber

  8. my fave is probably the i see yuo skin. or the blaze bc i have both

  9. hey geno love your vids keep up the good work

  10. I'm a new comer from venge and I think ur unboxing are very cool lately I've been scrapping up to buy a little bit of vg and only the tree 1 and 2 crates never teer three I only have got one legendary ever which was the blissful smg

  11. My favorite skin is the Mythical scar ''Blaze''

  12. Hey Geno your probably not seeing this but i want to join your venge.io clan. if you see this just respond as soon as you can please. And as always your awesome and soo good. have a good day Geno 😀

  13. fade out scar looks different or doesnt exist anymore

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