00:20 sec Tundra match | Venge.io - 2dsquirrel.com

00:20 sec Tundra match | Venge.io

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  1. I just witnessed players being bullied by a girl with a hammer

  2. so pro am only got a gun that green and fat but your pro in your pc

  3. I just did this today, got 9 hammer kills and won.
    It was in a minute and a half but I didn't die so it's really good.

  4. Du Legende! Und add mich auf Venge. Mein Name ist: Onurhanbaba. Würde gerne mit dir spielen.

  5. Digger letztes Mal waren s noch 2k clicks Mann Respekt

  6. Ayoo! aa my gooj he's in xbox mode💀💀

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