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✨The Melee Mage EP 01 – 20 Full Version [MULTI SUB]

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✨The Melee Mage EP 01 – 20 Full Version [MULTI SUB]

【Synopsis】The Melee Mage is adapted from Butterfly Blue’s novel Close Combat Mage of Online Game, which mainly tells the story of Gu Fei, who is a super martial artist but works as a physical education teacher in a school, who plays an online game under the recommendation of his students, but wrongly chooses the profession of mage, and ends up becoming a close-combat violent mage and embarking on a new path of the game. Relive the glory days: Golden axe manual online gaming awaits.

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  1. This is starting out like the manwha virtual world: close combat mage

  2. The game developer says the MC is upsetting the game balance, but I'd say he's just proving they made the best game in the world.

  3. Simply is fast to read the sub. One second in many case make you read only the sub. Dislike for now.

  4. The GM is a big mfker, love when his expectation gets screwed up

  5. These subs are sorta wild.
    The redheaded twink calling his teacher handsome was it for me.
    I'm out!

  6. people are really strong for a game that just came out that dayyou can do a lot in 24 hours but the gear I'm seeing people have that'ss rare and unique.. On day 1 is ROUGH.

  7. 30mins in & i like it pretty inspiringly different from the anime i ve seen and more like how id envious of the video game graphics style animation. Gives if final fantasy video games made a animated video series vibes.

  8. Chinese is so hard to follow their plot line…

  9. more on PVP, need more PVE more BOSS and unique/Legendary equipment's. kinda boring too me.

  10. this is so good. I got bored reading the manhua version.

  11. Boy is mad for like no reason. Like, you made the game with the ability to account for real world skill and movement. Thats your own fault.

  12. I just can't get used to how Chinese sounds…

  13. Ss2 comment full movie good ❤❤😊

  14. Love this video, dungeons and demons upgrade power level.

  15. Love this show! Started watching cause I was bored and seemed interesting, ended up following this show.

  16. those who ride on my back will get caged inside

  17. great watch but the artstyle before the game world was way better

  18. where epsiode 21 and 22???? can you stop recap anime please

  19. 8 ads within 25 mins of watching 😵 you should add more ads 😂

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