Things to Know about Venge IO -

Things to Know about Venge IO

Venge IO

Venge IO is one of the best online adventures with dynamic battles and bright 3D graphics. Its genre is first-person shooter, with the gameplay in some ways similar to Overwatch. The developer Cem Demir, known as TheLlamaMomma released the free title in 2020. Available from smartphones as well, it attracts lots of players every day. Let’s have a look at what it has to offer.

Into the Matches

Venge IO gameplay

The gameplay shines with polished mechanics and smooth overall work. First of all, the control keys are conveniently allocated on the board:

  • WASD sets you in motion, and LMB is for shooting.
  • E allows you to quickly use melee skills. Each character has its own. For example, Lilium has a hammer. It’s handy if an enemy was foolish enough to come too close.
  • F launches the main ability. Once again, each hero has their own. In the case of the girl, it’s a grenade.
  • Shift is for better aiming.
  • Space is for jumping.

There are other actions as well. Users quickly get used to the layout and tap them automatically. It’s the skill most needed to be effective in the arena. The latter is implemented through 4 maps aka modes:

Venge IO: Thought-Through Heroes



It’s the pioneer in the game and the first added character. As mentioned above, the girl has a grenade and hammer as special abilities. Effective both in close and distant combat.



It’s a ninja that is specifically effective in melee fights. Fast and acrobatic, the character can throw shurikens in 3 directions. It is useful against a bunch of enemies. Additionally, the warrior can quickly dash forward at ultra-speed and catch opponents off guard.



Looking like a blue-colored elf, it’s a sly creature with an interesting set of skills. There is a grappling hook to climb walls. Plus the fighter has an ax to throw into hostiles and deal great damage.



It’s a magical character with cunning weapons. First of all, it can set ambushes that explode when an enemy comes close. Secondly, a cool Storm spell hits multiple foes within its range.


Of course, Venge IO has lots of guns for different combat styles. For example, Scar is perfect for mid and long-range shooting. Sniper is a powerful weapon to hit from a distance. Tec-9 is a rapid-fire model for close interactions. In short, there is a wide selection of everything. If you’re looking for a hooking title with unique features, give it a try. It’s definitely fun to enjoy alone or with friends.